Retirement Horse Farm With Expert Care

Imagine a place where horses can live out the rest of their life with a caring staff to ensure that not only are all their needs met, but where they can make new friends and live peacefully. We are talking about a retirement horse farm.

If you are considering a retirement farm for horses, then you care about your horse and are likely seeking a place where your horse will find happiness. You want peace of mind knowing you made the right decision for your horse.

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A retirement horse farm purpose is to provide a guilt-free solution that is financially sustainable, and where your horse will be well taken care of by experienced people. You want your horse to find enjoyment in his new home. You don’t want him ever to feel abandoned or neglected.

Your horse will develop new friends that are in a similar phase of life. He will have plenty of space to graze and run on our 30+ acre farm. He will have his own stall and be covered in the cold winter and bathed weekly in the summer. He will be groomed weekly by loving hands.

Riverside Farm’s History

Our facility is newly built with individual stalls for each horse. Elam Miller envisioned an equine retirement facility where horses could happily live the rest of their life. Elam’s Amish background has given him over 20 years of experience working directly with horses.

He understands that this is not always an easy decision for owners, so he encourages visitors to tour the facilities and see the farm before making their decision. He wants you to have peace of mind in knowing that your horse is well taken care of by professionals and will have a happy life at Riverside Farm.

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You should look for thoughtful things such as does the facility provide fly masks? Fly masks will protect horses from annoying and potentially dangerous insects. Or, do they provide hoof trimming? Horses shouldn’t develop unnecessary pain due to something preventable with a little hoof trimming. Does the retirement horse farm provide salt blocks? This will help horses get enough daily sodium and chloride in their diet. Things like these indicate that the retirement horse farm is looking out for the horses under their care.

Horse Dentist on Retirement Horse Farm

It is important that horses are receiving all the hygienic and health care checkups. This is why at Riverside Farm we offer annual sheath cleaning for male horses. This may help prevent pain, discomfort, or infection if dirt or other grime gets into the area.

Annual teeth floating is another service that you will want to look for. Retired horses must never struggle to chew their food. Their teeth are filed to smoothen and straighten. This helps ensure they can continue to chew.

Horses should have checkups just like people. This is why we provide annual physical by Veterinarians, and you can request additional examinations if you feel your horse needs it.

When Visiting a Horse Farm

You should always feel comfortable asking questions when touring a retirement horse farm. Your horse is depending on you to make the best decision for him. You are your horse advocate.

Get to know the people that will be caring for your horse. What are their names, and will they be working with your horse? Do you have any special requests? It never hurt to ask. It is important to establish expectations, so it is clear what you are looking for and what is agreed upon. If you plan on making occasional visits, you should discuss this beforehand, so everyone is clear on the policies.

Have you ever left a meeting and remember you forgot to ask a question? A way to avoid this is to write a list of questions over a few days leading up to your visit, then you will be prepared to have all your questions answered. And don’t leave your list of questions at home.

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