Our Horse Retirement Services

Riverside Farm offers a variety of services when it comes to retiring a horse. Our standard monthly board includes a generous array of services, but if you’re retiring a horse that requires extra care, we are happy to accommodate that with a custom arrangement. Below are all the services offered as part of our standard horse retirement package, here at Riverside Farm.

Retiring a Horse with Riverside Farm

Private Stalls– All horses have access to their own spacious stalls. We work hard to ensure each stall is kept clean and safe.

retiring a horse

Pasture with Run-Ins– Horses retiring at Riverside Farm will have access to plenty of fresh grass, with run-in sheds available for shelter.

retiring a horse in pa

Unlimited Fresh Water – The average horse needs 5 to 10 gallons of freshwater per day. Just like humans, though, individual horses may crave or need different amounts of water. We make sure to provide all the water your horse may need and then some.

Hay As Needed – It’s common knowledge that a horse should consume between 1.5% to 2% of their body weight of hay per day. We provide as much hay as your horse needs to stay happy and healthy.

Grain as Needed (grain mixture with senior feed) – It is important that a horse has access to grain without being overfed, as too much grain can cause digestive issues. When retiring a horse, it’s particularly important to make sure any existing health issues aren’t exacerbated by an unregulated diet.

Weekly Grooming (more if needed)- We take time weekly to make sure that your horse is free of dirt, sweat, and loose hair on its coat. Grooming is a great way to spend time with the horse while keeping their coat in great condition. When retiring a horse, you will have the option of a more frequent grooming option.

Weekly Baths on Summer Days- We understand the importance of baths on a hot summer day. We will make sure your horse gets a refreshing bath every week that the weather allows. You can think of our boarding service for retired horses as a hotel with a swimming pool!

Grooming for a retired horse in PA

Fly Masks (as needed) – When boarding your horse at Riverside Farm, we make sure your horse’s face is protected from flies and other insects with a face mask, especially during the times of the year when those pests are worst.

Hoof Trimming – We provide hoof trimming to make sure that any horse retiring at Riverside Farm doesn’t develop foot or leg problems that could cause pain during their final years.

Salt Blocks – We provide horses with salt blocks to help meet their daily sodium and chloride needs.

Annual Sheath Cleaning – We care about full horse hygiene and this service is provided to all our male residents once a year.

Annual Teeth Floating

When retiring a horse, it is important to make sure teeth are filed to smoothen and straighten the chewing surfaces. We float the teeth of horses at Riverside Farm every year.

Equine dentist floating a retired horse's teeth

Winter Blanketing

Horse blankets are available for each of our horses to keep them dry and warm. Although horses adapt well to changes in climate, they don’t adapt well when those changes happen rapidly.

Retiring a horse

Annual Physical by Veterinarian

A certified veterinarian provides yearly physicals for all the horses retiring at Riverside Farm. Additional examinations are available for individual horses upon request.

Veterinarian examining a retired horse on a farm

Retire Your Horse at Riverside Farm

All the above services are included as part of the standard horse retirement package provided to all Riverside Farm equine residents. Owners are responsible for any veterinarian fees other than the standard annual check-up. If necessary, horseshoes are available as an add-on to the standard monthly rate. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 717-690-1338 or visit the contact us page and leave a question in the comment box!